4 Things to Consider If You’re Not Manifesting Your Desires

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In today’s mindful moment, I wanted to share with you some of the reasons that you might continue to stay stuck, unable to manifest your biggest desires. There are a lot of articles on manifesting available on the internet, but these are 4 things I feel are important to consider as you look inside to what’s been holding you back.

My business coach teaches that taking small imperfect actions every day is the key to moving our big visions forward. After working with him for the past two years, I see that this is, perhaps, the most important lesson I’ve learned.

As I look back on every big vision that I’ve manifested, I can clearly see that it was the small, imperfect actions that I took every day that moved me towards creating that which I desired.

So here are 4 things to consider if you’re not manifesting your desires.

1. Perfectionism.
I have a number of clients who don’t allow themselves to move forward unless they know 100% that what they do will be perfect. One client wants to change her direction and become an artist, after a career of delivering perfect software products.

When we hold on to the expectation of perfection, we prevent ourselves from taking risks, trying something new, and don’t move the needle forward for fear of being less than perfect.

2. Procrastination.
Another outwardly successful client wants to manifest a higher income to create greater financial security in her life. The number one thing that stops her is procrastination. She allows procrastination to get between her and her goal. The thing about procrastination is that it has a sneaky way of keeping you busy without allowing you to be productive.

3. Distraction.
Similar to procrastination, distraction effects most of us today. With the cell phone sending alerts every few minutes, to continuously updated social media streams, distraction is all around and an easy trap to fall into. My business coach has given me the gift of the power hour. A one hour block of time to focus on one important task. Silence your phone, set a timer and push distraction away for the hour.

4. Trapped Emotions.
Emotions like anxiety, grief, overwhelm, helplessness, unworthiness and many more can get trapped in the body and cause a great amount of unconscious self-sabotage, and even physical disease. These trapped emotions are keeping us sick and holding us back from living the life we desire. When we clear these trapped emotions, we unlock better health, better relationships, and better abundance in all areas of our life, and that includes manifesting our juicy passion and purpose.

So, let’s circle back around to the wise words of my business coach Bill Baren… “Imperfect action is better than NO action.”

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Thanks for reading this mindful moment. I hope you took away something of value from it. I always welcome your thoughts or comments, so don’t hold back.

Infinite ∞ Love,