What *is* Cacao Ceremony, anyway?

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Cacao medicine is a path to your heart. The wise elders tell us that whenever the balance between humans and nature become threatened, cacao spirit comes from the rainforest to open our heart and establish harmony again. 

Unlike many plants used in shamanic journeying, cacao won’t skyrocket you out of your body or create hallucinogenic experiences. It will awaken you, enliven you, and guide you deeper into the emotional and energetic center of your being.

Since ancient times cacao has been used ceremonially to connect with the infinite presence of love. Cacao increases blood flow to the brain and releases feel-good endorphins and bliss chemicals into the body.

Mama Cacao is a Master Plant Teacher. She is gentle and nurturing, yet very powerful. When we use sacred cacao we are invited to dance with acceptance, and to promote a deep love for ourselves and for others.

I call upon Mama Cacao to assist me in the mentoring I do with clients as part of my Love Yourself Now practice. Unconditional love, especially self-love, is at the heart of my work, and I support my clients to create deeper connections to their radical self-worth and confidence.

And… I am blessed to live on and steward 16 acres of tropical farmland where I cultivate a sustainable and diverse cacao forest. From the fruit of these harvests I hand craft the 100% pure cacao that I use in ceremony.

Cacao is a delicate, sensitive plant and growing her is no simple task.

She requires high rainfall and humid temperatures, and needs lots of love and care to harvest the high vibe fruit that are used to create ceremonial cacao.

During, and even after a cacao ceremony you may experience any of the following:

  • A heart opening journey
    Cacao can open the heart and allow you to connect with yourself and others in a deeper, more loving way.
  • Connect to your highest self, your truth and your power
    Cacao enables you to connect with your inner wisdom, allowing for more profound meditation. It provides an ability to travel into your inner landscape to find your own intuitive knowing.
  • Release blocks, limiting beliefs and outdated patterns
    Cacao brings an awareness of things that have been keeping you from living the life you love and gives you the strength to let them go. 
  • More energy and mental clarity
    Cacao gives you an energy boost which can help you find mental clarity and balance. You can be reminded of your talents, skills, creative ability and life purpose.
  • Open to greater creativity
    Cacao can create a bridge to inspiration, creativity and new ideas. You’ll find new meaning and purpose begin to flow with ease. 

You’re invited to celebrate yourself with this sacred shamanic journey and to open your heart to your radical self love and well-being. We join together in sacred circle every month to work with Mama Cacao.

Come hang out in the bliss and feel the cacao vibes from my chocolate farm in Panama. You’ll find all the details at lynbishop.com/cacaoceremony. See you in Ceremony!

Infinite ∞ Love,