Let Go and Enter the Flow

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Are you ready to begin that new cycle again? The New Moon will rise on the 17th in the sign of Virgo, giving you yet another opportunity to liberate yourself from the delusions and past agendas that have not worked.

As with all New Moons, you’re asked — what weeds can you pull from your garden of life — what needs to be watered and nurtured for it to come into bloom — and what new seeds are ready to be planted into the fertile soil of your soul?

This New Moon is giving you the push to dedicate yourself to a new routine, to set things up on a firm foundation, and to put in the time, no matter how hard or humbling it may be, to be your very best. 

This is a time to pay attention to the details, to look after your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, as this will set you up to sustain your strength in the months to come. 

Now, dear one, is a time for letting go of the need to be in control of how others think and feel and to take on a more objective perspective. 

When your find yourself prioritizing the answers you already believe in, it’s easy to shut down your inquiring spirit. New Moon in Virgo asks you to stay open. 

When you stay open, you are more able to embrace the catharsis and regeneration that this year is requiring, and helps you keep a more positive attitude towards meaningful change and transformation.  If you can’t stay open, you may find yourselves living in fear and resistance which can manifest in all sorts of less-than-optimal ways.

A new moon is always strongest during the two weeks following it, so make sure to plant those seeds now. New Moons are always opportunities to start fresh. 
With this New Moon in practical, solution oriented, down to earth Virgo, this is a time to consider each detail of your life. 

Look at every part and ask yourself – is this in balance?  Look at your health, your family and close relationships, your intimate relationship, your finances, your work and career, your spiritual growth etc. 

Virgo likes the details and this is a good time to bring everything into focus to enable a bone deep restoration. Ask yourself…

  • How can I create systems and structures that support my authentic expression?
  • What regenerative actions can I incorporate in my life right now?
  • Where does competition and scarcity stunt my growth?
  • How can I work in cooperation and symbiotic right relationship to weave myself into the interconnected balance of life on earth now?

Join me on Sunday, September 20th to dive deep into these questions using shamanic practices and cacao ceremony to course correct your life path and to plant seeds of your new intentions.

The 90 minute ceremony is a small and sacred container for those wishing to remember what it means to live life in balance and harmony.

You’ll find the details and registration here.

As always, I love hearing from you. I encourage you to respond to this post with how your doing or anything else you wish to share. Each week I enjoy hearing from so many of you. Stay healthy and well my friends.

Infinite ∞ Love, Lyn