Living Your Sustainable Life

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I’ve been thinking about sustainability lately, and with the IGNITE 2020 Retreat happening here on the farm in January, I’ve been mulling around about what it takes to live a sustainable life — not necessarily in an environmental way, but in a whole life kind of way. 

I’ve been reviewing my past, looking at the life I lived in Silicon Valley, and at all the things expected of me there. I’ve come to realize that I was not living sustainably, instead, I was living someone else’s expectations of me. 

It’s taken me a while to decompress from that life. To give myself permission to live my unique purpose, and to engage more authentically with myself and those around me. Bottom line is that I finally stopped pretending that I had this “dream life” that everyone else wanted and began living my life fully, unapologetically, and in alignment with my big dreams and my deepest values.
In today’s Mindful Moment I’ll share 5 things that I consider necessary to live a sustainable life.  

1. Let go of toxic people and their expectations of you. Whoooo, this was a big one. When I realized that I was trying to be liked by everyone, I allowed toxic people in to my inner circle. Cutting the cord to them, or reestablishing new boundaries with them, has been one of the most difficult, yet liberating things I changed in my life. These days, my life is so much more sustainable as I surround myself with a smaller group of healthy, authentic and loving people. They don’t have any expectations of me, and support me in being the best version of myself that I can be. 

2. Show up for yourself and your dreams. This was another huge lesson. When I let my inner critic, judgements, and hidden fears run my life, I was always hiding in the corner and not allowing my gifts and talents to shine brightly. Now that I show up for my life – every single day – in whatever way feels best to me, I see my big dreams and audacious visions manifesting in ways I never expected. 

3. Drop out and tune in. For me personally, I had to drop out in order to tune in. I left Silicon Valley and moved to Panama. I stopped playing “the” game, and made up my own. It felt overwhelming, raw, and not so easy to leave a community I had cultivated for over 25 years. But when I began to tune in, I realized that I had a huge collection of acquaintances, with very little real engagement. Now I schedule time to connect with the people that really matter, and spend time in deep and meaningful relationships that uplift and inspire. 

4. Do the work to heal your wounds. Doing my inner work created the space for me to heal old and festering wounds. When I got clear about the issues I needed to confront in order to to heal, I thought I would break in two. It felt uncomfortable, vulnerable, and yet it was the most healing work I’ve ever done. I had to walk through the fire to create a life I could sustain with ease and grace. 

5. Honor your values. For much of my life, I lacked boundaries, I lacked the ability to say no to others. I was the perpetual yes girl. This rarely served my sustainable life, and I found myself scattered and unfocused. When I got clear on my own set of values and began upholding and honoring them consistently, I found that those who stuck around gained deeper respect for me, and for the important work that I’m here to do in the world. 

So, as you think of how you can quit plastic, recycle your glass, and switch to non-toxic cleaning supplies, think also about what you can do to create your own sustainable inner landscape. 

When you begin to look within for the clues, the inspiration, and the wisdom that you carry inside, you create a deeply sustainable life that becomes a integral part of you life journey. 

How are you creating your sustainable life? I’d love to hear some of the things that have helped you most. I always love reading your thoughts and comments, so go ahead and share them in a reply.  
Infinite ∞ Love, Lyn