When we are safe, we don’t take risks

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I’m a firm believer in overcoming hidden fears. You know that what I teach is all about resetting your mindset and aligning it with your authentic truth. 

In my Lunar Intentions Ceremonies, I take my guests on a personal deep dive into my 7 step process to intention setting. Often, they’re surprised to learn that it’s not all about “unicorns and rainbows”. They’re surprised when we have a good look at the shadow side of what’s keeping us stuck in their repetitive, limiting behaviors. This, dear one, is what I believe is the key to unlocking our ability to create what we desire most. 

So often fear is what holds us back. And of course that makes complete sense, because fear’s role is to keep us safe. When we are safe, we don’t take risks, or challenge ourselves to strive bigger. We stay hidden, small, and don’t share our gifts and talents out into the world. Maybe we fear judgement, maybe we fear we’re not enough, maybe we fear failure, or even we may fear success. All of these, and many more, are what keep us in our inability to shine brightly. 

So today, I wanted to offer 3 behaviors where fear feeds within us. Ask yourself how these show up in your daily life.

1. Negative Mind Chatter. Often times I find that it’s the repetitive, sometimes constant, mind chatter that keeps us from our greatest dreams and desires. When we feed ourselves on a diet of negative commentary, there is no space for the greatness within to germinate. Next time you notice that negative chatter taking control, greet it with love and kindness, thank it for keeping you safe, and let it know that you’re trying something different right now. Let it go, and replace it with a thought that uplifts you instead. 

2. Judgement of Yourself and Others. Research into the way the brain functions shows that judgement is an emotional response, which causes feelings like guilt and fear.  Judgement actually bypass the cognitive pathways of the brain and hijacks your ability to think rationally.  Removing judgement helps to remove the negative drama in your life. Judgement often shows up as a mirror to our own inner landscape, as something within yourself that you don’t value or like. When you move away from judging yourself and others, you are on a path towards loving yourself in a deeper and more wholesome way. 

3. The Inner Critic. Criticism is sometimes confused with the notion of critiquing, believing that you are criticizing against a set of measures. However these measures are your own measures, your own beliefs. The inner critic is the one who criticises yourself or another and judges them. When the Inner Critic shows up, you decide that your opinion is the right or better one and the other is wrong or not as good. 

What do all three of these behaviors have in common? They are all conversations that you have with yourself in your own mind. These conversations can be quite destructive. They keep you from being in the moment, keep you stuck going over the past or thinking about what could happen next. They show you fear. They show you that your self-esteem needs a boost. They show you where you don’t like yourself. They show you where you’re not respecting yourself. 

So I’d like to challenge you, dear one, to begin to notice these three behaviors, and to put a stop to them. When you do, you’ll find that your self-love strengthens, and you begin to be the touchstone for your own achievement and success.

This translates into feelings of control for your own manifestation, and an ability to focus on your own life journey. You’ll also find that you will have more space for compassion and respect for the separate and unique journey of another person.

Self-love is a long-term disciplined practice, which all of us struggle with at some point in our life. If you feel that any of these three behaviors are creeping into your daily being, it’s a clear sign to stop for a moment, and to focus on your self-care and nurturing. It’s a time to revisit your intentions, to acknowledge yourself and your fears, to reconnect with your support team, and to recognize and celebrate your magnificence!!

I want all of us to know our greatness in the next decade, so after reading this article, would you let me know what you thought? I always love reading your thoughts and comments, so go ahead and share them in a reply.  

Infinite ∞ Love, Lyn