Weave Your Unique Fabric

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Have you ever participated in a Temezcal Ceremony? For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s is a type of sweat lodge which originated with pre-Hispanic Indigenous peoples in Mesoamerica and is used for purification, renewal, and healing. 

This weekend I had the honor of participating in one. The ceremony was held at Grandmother’s house on the beach not far from the farm, and I went with an open heart and an excitement to pray for clarity on some things that have been percolating within for several months. 

The energies of the August new moon lingered as a crescent moon rose above the sea. The fire had been lit, burned hot, and the volcanic stones placed with intention within glowed red. 

Women from far and wide, and of all ages, gathered in celebration of the divine feminine. We gathered together in ceremony to acknowledge and honor the sacred womb where all life is sparked. 

Intentions were spoken aloud. I could feel even more intensely how life always come back to intention. And this spiral of intention swirled with the best of them. 

Within this sacred container, I became even more connected. I felt connected to everything and knew without a doubt that my life force energy is one with all. I hold the stars in my hand. I drink in the moon. The sun fills my heart. I am the tree. 

This energetic spiral of all things plays an integral role in the weaving of the fabric of the universe. I have a connected role to play, my own divine part. And so do you, dear one. 

Here are two tips that may help you connect to your unique part. 

STEP ONE: Ask for guidance. 
When I’m not sure of the right direction, I simply ask. This applies to feeling lost on a road trip, or feeling unsure of my life direction. Take a moment, get quiet and connected to your life force, and simply ask for guidance.

STEP TWO: Express gratitude. While you wait for your divine download to come to you, express gratitude. Your ability to be grateful impacts greatly what you attract into your life. As you practice gratitude your energy will shift into a higher state, and any negative mind chatter will begin to fall away.

So, dear one, how will you dance your spiral with intent, weaving your part of this unique fabric called life? I’d love to know know, so don’t hesitate to send a reply or leave a comment. 

Infinite Love,