Are You Ready for the Next Decade

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Think about this… once we enter January, we enter a fresh, new decade – an exciting shift and a brand new chapter.  

If you’ve been following me for a while now, you know that I look to astrology to suss out the energy of now. As we enter 2020, the astrological forecasts point to a restructuring on a grand scale. The more you can prepare for this shift, the more effective you’ll be and the easier the transition. This is a potent time to go within, and get clear about the life you want to create for yourself. 

Here are 3 significant new cycles to get ready for as we enter 2020. 

1. A promising potential for wealth, abundance, growth and prosperity both for yourself personally, as well as globally. If you’ve been stuck in lack mentality, or have been struggling with poverty thinking, now is the time to begin clarifying the abundance you desire so that you are ready to harness the energy once 2020 begins. 

2. A significant change in the distribution of power, along with a profound understanding of deep subjects like genetics, physics and quantum mechanics. This supports so much of the research coming from pioneering luminaries like Dr. Bruce Lipton, who have been sharing research on how we have a greater impact on our health than genetic research has previously determined. 

3. A massive shift in consciousness where we begin moving away from individualistic thinking and put more attention on the contributions we canmake to the whole. The more clear you can become about your own gifts and talents the faster you will be able to tap into this great potential. 

This is the end of an era. The old energies are losing strength, and a new era is dawning. The energy of the next 6 months offers you a potent time for bridging the past as you move into the future. It’s a wonderful time to celebrate all that is ending. 

Review what you have gathered and developed over the past 10 years, and spend a little time recognizing and acknowledging your growth and learning that you achieved this decade.  

The emphasis RIGHT NOW is not so much on what is coming up, but on what is ending. We stand at a crossroads. Can you trust that the love in your heart will guide you? Never underestimate how powerful you are when you tune into your own deep knowing, divine self.  Be kind and gentle with yourself as you go through this process.  

With your clear intention, 2020 has the potential to make your everyday life easier and bring your dreams into manifestation. Join me on Tuesday, July 16th for this month’s LIVE and Interactive Intention Ritual. Work with me to get clear on life you crave to live.  

Infinite ∞ Love, Lyn