Practice to Achieve

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I’m sure you know by now that I’m a huge proponent of having a morning practice. Much like taking a shower or brushing my teeth, I give myself anywhere from 10-30 minutes for dedicated self-time every day. 

I practice in the same place every day. I’ve found when I go to the same special place every morning, the energy builds, and just entering this space creates a sense of sacred calm and focus. 

It’s become a ritual, and when I miss my practice for any reason, I notice how different I feel. 

Part of this morning practice is to set a daily intention. My daily intention isn’t a goal, instead, it’s a desired state of being. My daily intention is a reminder to myself of how I want to show up throughout the day and usually, I anchor it to a larger intention that I’ve set during my lunar intention ritual. 

I’ve found the best time for me to set my daily intention is after I’ve meditated. I’m in a state of calm and am open and receptive, so tuning into the frequency of my daily intention feels natural and unforced. 

The intention I set is usually related to how I might amplify the best version of myself this day. What intended actions might move me one more step closer to my best? Somedays, it might be staying hydrated, other days, it could be practicing forgiveness. Keeping it focused on becoming my best keeps me in the happy, joyful place of living my vibrant, successful life. 

I focus on the feeling of living the intention. I do my best to stay out of my thinking brain and move into how it will feel as I move through my day as the embodiment of my intention. In my mind’s eye, I see myself being the way I intend. I use my senses to feel what it will be like to live this intention. What do I smell in the air around me? How do my clothes feel on my skin? How does my body feel? What am I doing? Who am I with? How am I showing up? This gives me a preview of how I want to experience my day and helps to set the flow of energy in the direction of my dreams. 

Once I’ve finished my morning practice, I let the vision go. I release it and let the day begin without forcing or controlling anything. Whenever I try to micro-manage my intention, I find that I can get tripped up. When I let go and let the universe support me, I find life falling into place in ways that support my intention in even greater ways than I could have imagined. I know that sounds counter-intuitive, but letting go of the exact vision allows things to work out even better than I could have created if I had orchestrated it myself.  

Here are the 5 things I do in my morning practice to set my daily intention. 

1. Practice in the same space every day.

2. Make this time a mini-ritual.

3. Set an intention that inspires your best.

4. Feel it as if your embodying it.

5. Release it and let it go.

Intention setting has put me on the path to what I want in my life. In my past, I had felt dissatisfied with parts of my life, and maybe that’s the situation you’re in right now. 

Setting intention has given me a way to see the best version of myself. And I’ll be honest, the result is that my life has never been sweeter. I’d love for you to experience this, too. 

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Ask yourself, what would a morning intention practice look like for you? I always love reading your thoughts and comments, so go ahead and share them. 

Infinite ∞ Love,