Avoid These 8 Behaviors That Keep You Stuck

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Here’s a quote that I love — “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.” — Joseph Cambell. 

The time is now to show the world the REAL You. You’re ready, and this space in time between the Full Moon on March 19 and the New Moon on May 4th is supporting your grand rebirth. 

I know for myself, I’ve been preparing for this new beginning for a very long time. I’ve been healing family wounds, relationship wounds, wounds around lack and poverty thinking. I’ve been taking my own medicine and clearing the hidden emotions that have kept me feeling small. 

I’m done with this old chapter. I’m finished settling for mediocre. I’ve learned to love myself, to respect myself, to have the courage to take inspired action to honor all of myself. I am ready and I have chosen to step from healing into healed

The energy right now is supercharged for new beginnings. It’s as if the cosmic reset button has been activated in all of us. My mentor shared with me this universal truth. “If you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backward, because there is no such thing as stasis.”

I know that venturing into the unknown creates uncertainty and sometimes even fear, but this is a time to take calculated risks to begin again, grow more, and stay confident that your actions will manifest into that which you desire most. 

Take some time, dear one, to get clear. These next two weeks provide a potent window to set your new intentions. Allow yourself to move with purpose into new projects, new opportunities and new endeavors that come with this new beginning. Decide your intentions and kick off the next adventure on your own Hero’s Journey

To help you on your path here are 8 behaviors to avoid as you step into your new beginning. 

  1. Staying in your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is a beautiful, safe space — but nothing ever grows there. Pushing against the discomfort of stretching out of your comfort zone expands your confidence and opens you to new opportunities. It’s okay to start with baby steps.
  2. Expecting things to be easy. Now is a time to test your limits, not to play small. And we all know that creating anything of value takes time, effort, dedication, and discipline. 
  3. Waiting for the perfect moment. The perfect moment is NOW. Don’t allow yourself to get trapped in indecision. Indecision is a place of no action. Seize this potent moment and create the epic outcome with your unwavering belief in yourself.  
  4. Living in the past. This is a NEW beginning after all. You can’t change the past, so you might as well stop living there. 
  5. Play the victim. The first step in taking responsibility for your choices is to change the victim story. When you do the work to uncover where you learned helplessness and choose to release it, you feel empowered to become the victor instead of the victim. 
  6. Surrounding yourself with toxic people. Know your boundaries. Once you remove negative people from your life, you discover what is possible. Build a network of high-vibe people who love and inspire you, and who motivate you to achieve more.  
  7. Doubting your amazingness. Too often limiting beliefs and false judgments condition you to believe you aren’t good enough. Commit to stepping into your power and move forward in the confidence that you are more than good enough. 
  8. Refusing to commit to your own personal growth. If you’re not growing, your dying. If moving forward is your intention, then you need to commit to your personal growth. The process is the journey, and you won’t get to your destination overnight, but with an open mind, you just might enjoy the ride. 

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I’d love to know how the energy of this time of new beginning is for you. I always love reading your thoughts and comments, so go ahead and share them. 

Infinite ∞ Love, Lyn