Remembering Your Worth

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Remembering… remembering because so many of us have forgotten. So many of us are conditioned to think and feel that our worth is outside of ourselves.

Here’s the truth… We are all born worthy. Our world and society will have us believe that we must prove ourselves. And so we navigate the world trying to accumulate more, desperate for people to like and accept us, trying to prove that we are worthy.

So often we are living our lives according to the opinions and beliefs of others, the values of others, the expectations of others.

What if, right now, we could know, feel and have faith that we are already worthy and abundant? What if we could set aside the limitations that are imposed upon us? How would life be different?\

Life is right here and wants to support you. How would it feel to take a step in a new direction? What would your life be if you allowed your own magic to flow?

Release your fears and worries, and practice receiving your own worth unconditionally. You have nothing to prove. You were born worthy.

Let’s step into our magnificent, abundant, worthy life fully. I invite you to enjoy this video from Dr. Wayne Dyer.

I’d love to know how this topic touches you and what you thought of Dr. Dyer’s teaching. I always love reading your thoughts and comments, so go ahead and share them.

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