4 Tips for Crafting a Daily Practice

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I want to hear about your daily practice.

As part of my daily practice I start the day by spending some uninterrupted time with myself. I look over yesterday to see where the moments of joy occurred, and identify those less than ideal ones too. I’ve replaced my “news” addiction with a guided meditation (I love the app called Insight Timer) and I spend a moment calling in the energy for the day that I desire. My daily practice shifts and changed according to my mood, but my daily practice itself is non-negotiable.

I thought I’d share a few tips for beginning a daily practice in today’s Mindful Moment.

1. Pick a time that suits you best.
I’m a morning girl, I love starting the day fresh and clear, but many of my friends are evening peeps, and enjoy the reflection that comes from an evening practice. Whatever time of day works best for you, use that time for a few moments of uninterrupted YOU time.

2. Make it just for you. 
It’s tempting to share your daily practice with a friend or lover, but I’d caution against it. When you can carve out “alone” time, you give yourself a personal gift, a time just for YOU. This personal time is an opportunity to drop into your authentic essence, to drop the ego, and to bathe in the uniqueness of your own spirit.

3. Mix it up.
Just like an exercise routine or a specific diet can get boring, so can your daily practice. Give yourself permission to mix up your practice. For example, some days I meditate in bed, all cozy under the covers, and others I am outside surrounded by birdsong. Some days you might want to journal, and others you might enjoy a walk in solitude. The goal here is to create a daily practice that feels good to you, that brings you inner joy, and that shines a light on your inner landscape. Bottom line: have fun with it.

4. Be kind to yourself. 
When you begin any new practice, there are always starts and stops, so don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day, a week, or even a month. Growth happens when you notice that the practice has faded, that’s when you can pick it up again with love and kindness. It’s when you come back to that which you desire with a grateful heart, that you begin to make it non-negotiable.

When you give yourself personal time alone everyday, you begin to listen to your intuition more, strengthen your inner wisdom and develop an authentic relationship with yourself. All of this creates deeper self love and helps you to know yourself more deeply.

Do you already have a daily practice? You can share your tips with us below. And as always, thanks for reading this moment. I welcome your thoughts and comments, so don’t hold back.