Be grateful for the VIP in your life.

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In today’s Mindful Moment, let’s take a look at gratitude from a perspective that is often overlooked. So often our gratitude practice is externally focused… gratitude for family, gratitude for nature, our pets, our stuff. But don’t forget that VIP in your life — yourself.

Today, I want to encourage you to take a few minutes to allow deep gratitude for yourself… for your incredible body that carries you through every day… for your intelligent mind that is always thinking… for your caring heart that beats without effort. Let’s take time and be grateful for all that makes you the unique, beautiful human that you are.

Our mind believes what we tell it, so if we are listening to a constant stream of “I’m not good enough” in our head, then we begin to live from that belief.

“If all you’re thinking about is that you need to lose weight, you’re not remembering to be grateful that you’re strong…” — Shana Lebowitz

When you tell yourself positive things about your life, you get better about believing and living from this positive perspective.

Take a couple of deep breaths now and allow yourself to shower yourself with these affirmations. Feel them melting into you, warming you, spreading throughout you.

I am grateful for my body.

I am grateful for my bodies ability to heal.

I am grateful for all the systems that function within my body without a conscious thought from me.

I am grateful for my heartbeat.

I am grateful for my breath.

I am grateful for my heart and my lungs.

I am grateful for my wellness.

I love my body.

I accept myself just as I am now.

I thank my body for serving me today and every day.

My body is perfect just as it is.

I am grated that I am uniquely me.

I celebrate my life and my body.

I choose to be confident in all areas of my life.

I am confident in my skin and for who I am.

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am a radiant being.

I am magnificent.

I love my body.

I love myself.

I am blessed and I am grateful.

In her article on INC. Amy Vetter says “Self-gratitude can build confidence and help you face any challenge when no else will.”

So I want to challenge you to include gratitude for yourself in your daily practice. If you need practice, join my 7-day Gratitude Event happening now on Facebook or Instagram. I’d love to know what you’re grateful for.

Thanks for reading this mindful moment. I hope you took away something of value from it. I always welcome your thoughts or comments, so don’t hold back.

Infinite ∞ Love,