6 Health Benefits of Attending a Retreat (in Tropical Panama)

Here’s the thing, there are many more reasons to take a break than just to escape to a tropical climate for some fun in the sun. There are measurable health benefits to taking some much needed R&R. Here is the inside scoop on how taking time for yourself truly affects every area of your life.

Taking time to decompress is essential, not only for your well being, but for maintaining sanity after returning back home. What better time to do so than after the busy holidays and the celebrations of the New Year.

Retreats help you feel alive, they allow you to recharge and replenish your life both inside and out. This is exactly what they’re meant to do — they’re meant to make you think more clearly, and feel free to let go and truly relax.

Here are my top 6 health benefits to take away from attending a retreat:

It doesn’t matter if your an entrepreneur or an established CEO of a major company, everyone needs time off from work and from a regular routine. When you take the time to recharge yourself, you not only relieve stress, you get better sleep, and leave behind the typical daily concerns that occupy your everyday life. When you leave behind the winter doldrums for a tropical retreat, you experience fresh air and sunshine.

When you participate in a retreat, you are fostering creativity and connecting to yourself in a deep and sacred way. This reconnection is a form of renewal of your life values, your overarching mission and your life purpose. Clarifying your sense of self during a retreat allows you to return to work fully refreshed and refocused. It gives you a major boost that increases your ability to think more clearly and improve your overall life performance once your return home.

When you return from retreat, you strengthen the bonds to the people who are important in you life. The rest, relaxation, and clarity obtained on the retreat makes you feel better. When you feel better, you are more open to improve the relationships you have with others. When you don’t allow yourself this sacred “self” time, you tend to get frustrated more easily, feel irritable and cranky with others, and experience more overall unease with daily life.

According to the experts, retreats and healthy get-a-ways are essential to getting your life back on track. When you take care of your inner landscape, your mind, your life, while in a relaxing and nourishing environment, you reset your intentions, relax your expectations, and recommit to living your best life. Re-examining your choices from a clear vantage point creates the opportunity to consciously choose to embrace your happy, vibrant life. The benefits of this intentional disruption from daily life helps to turn your life around and make you feel alive and ready to take on the world again.

When was the last time you unplugged from your devices? For so many, it’s almost impossible to get away from the daily distractions and connect with the other humans around you. Even a short break from technology creates a more peaceful state within you. Your breath deepens, you begin to relax. Cutting the cord for a few days allows you to think more as you step away from the multitasking that is associated with using digital devices. When you unplug, even for a few days, you give yourself the gift of easing anxiety, feeling more creative and strengthening your healthy boundaries. You might even bring this healthy habit home with you.

Panama is easily one of the most safe and biologically diverse countries in Central America, with mountains, oceans, rainforests and cloud forests. Panama is home to an astounding range of exotic flora and fauna that sits at the crossroads of the Americas. Retreating in a relaxing laid back environment tucked into a lush tropical green valley promotes wellbeing, improves working memory, and increases energy and feeling alive. Being in a warm climate surrounded by fresh air reduces anxiety, beats depression and improves your mood.

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