Open My Heart

What do I need NOW to open my heart

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When I open my heart to myself, I open the door to unconditional love.

When I open my heart to myself, I expand my consciousness.

When I love myself, I create my own safe haven, where I am free to fully express myself for who I am and to realize my dreams.

When I open my heart to love myself without qualification, I develop the foundation for understanding, caring for and knowing myself.

My difficulty with loving myself directly impacts the thoughts I have, the feelings I feel, the choices I make, the relationships I select and how I perceive and react to every life situation.

I realize that these feelings are not my fault. My heart has disconnected from my true being in it’s best effort to keep me safe. I closed my heart, I took things personally, I blamed others because I though myself unlovable, not good enough, or that something was wrong with me.

I have learned that the key to self-love is knowing and accepting my true being. I trust in my experience as unique and valuable. I open my heart, I observe my thoughts, I acknowledge my feeling. I quiet my inner critic.

Opening my heart is vulnerable. I release my burdens so that my heart can open even more. My open heart is a conduit to my life force, allowing me to receive and transmit love energy freely and to feel compassion, well being and tap into my own intuitive creativity.

When my heart is open, I feel the warm waves of energy vibrating within the center of my chest, and these waves emanate outwards from my body in all directions.

I realize that the choice is mine. I know it is my divine right to open my heart to my own self-love. I see how this leads to a richer, more expansive life. I have gratitude for my journey. I trust myself to see the guidance given to me by living with my open heart. I listen to the voice in my head that loves me, and does not judge me.

What about you? How do you open your heart to Love Yourself Now?