Energy Flows Where Intention Goes

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Intention has the power to change your life.

But what does setting intention really mean?

Setting an intention is activating a part of your receptivity, to your ability to receive. It’s like a roadmap to going to your desired destination. The power of the intention helps you navigate your way to get there. 

Often times we let the day, or the week, or the month, happen organically. And while there is something wonderful about going with the flow, there is something very powerful in setting intention.

When we set an intention we activate our receptivity and our power to manifest and we put out that which we intend to attract or call into our life — and that’s where the real power is.

Intentions don’t have to be just about tangible and physical things they can be about how we wish to operate internally or about what we want to call into our own internal landscape.

The power is to check in with our mind, body, and spirit and really except and acknowledge and activate that desire in our life.

Once you have an intention in mind you want to share it with the universe. When we let our spiritual support team know clearly what it is that we desire that’s when the magic can begin to show up.

I personally find that using ritual to set intentions and communicate with my spiritual support team is a potent and powerful way to communicate my desire. I invoke self-care and journaling, and perhaps most importantly gratitude.

Gratitude is such an important part of the intention setting process because if you’re always wanting and you’re not acknowledging the gratitude in your life, you’re communicating from a state of scarcity.

One of the ways that I practice my intention setting is every morning when I wake up I connect to my heart for a few moments. I breathe and I send myself love and kindness in this moment. I send love to my community and the greater world around me and from that place of love and gratitude I set my daily intention.

In my Love Yourself Now 12 week Journey we learn how to use a daily intention, a weekly intention, and intention for the whole 12 weeks to create the life we truly are worthy to live.

If you would like to learn more about my signatures style of self love coaching reach out and I’d be happy to share more with you. My intention is to be a resource for those of us who wish to create and embrace the amazing life that we’ve come here to live.