Grass is Greener

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How does your Inner Garden grow these days?

Imagine that you are your own garden. In this garden, you grow something called Your Life. Imagine harvesting that which you plant. Ask yourself what seeds are you planting today? Your thoughts are like seeds, some of them are inspiring and nourishing, others can be downright harmful.

I’ll never forget those early days when I began to realize that my thoughts create my reality. These were the days that I began to prepare the soil of my Inner Garden.

When I began to pay attention to my thoughts, my judgmental mind chatter, and the limiting beliefs that I held onto unconsciously, that’s when I began to prepare to landscape my soul.

It’s though this daily practice of tending my Inner Garden that I’m now blossoming into the person that I’ve longed to be. This didn’t happen overnight! Pulling the weeds and watering the seeds of my thoughts through meditation, gratitude and self care, I’m now harvesting the fruits of my attention.

Below are a few questions to consider as you begin to cultivate your Inner GardenWhat does your Inner Garden look like?

You’re the designer and landscaper of your life. You get to choose. Think about the qualities you want to cultivate. Your life is determined by what you think you deserve and what you think is possible.

What are the crops that you’ve decided to grow? Close your eyes and look around at the Inner Garden you’ve planted.  What crops have you planted?  How are they growing?  What tending does it need today?

Is there anything in your garden that needs pruning? It’s easy for your inner garden to become overgrown. Sometimes you may plant too much, other times, you may neglect your garden and unwanted weeds can creep in.

Consider setting aside time daily to cultivate your Inner Garden. Cultivate the soil of your soul. Look for the limiting beliefs that may have crept in and weed them out.  Prune your thoughts and make them grow richer.  Water your crops with your attention.

With practice, patience and a good dose of self compassion, you’ll soon be harvesting the fruits of your efforts and they’ll become a source of nutrition for the world at large.

Happy Gardening.