Do You Give Yourself Permission?

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In celebration of this month’s theme of INTENTION, I want to close out the month with something that I feel so many of us struggle with — and that’s giving yourself the permission to fully live your best life.
Let me ask, what if you already were living your very best life? Filled with positive energy and a sense of focus that had felt so out of reach before?
What would that be like for you?
Seriously, take a moment right now to actually hold that vision clearly in your mind’s eye and see into all of the facets of what this might look like for you. Go ahead… Take 2 minutes right now and see yourself as that which you intend to be. Fully. Manifested. Living Your Best Life. 
In this vision, imagine your enjoying all the energy and inspiration to be as happy and successful as you desire. 
Imagine you’re no longer procrastinating or sabotaging yourself like you used to do.
Picture yourself in a place where you’ve overcome all the blocks and limitations that used to keep you stuck in that low-vibe energy — where they no longer hold power over you anymore. 
Stop reading for a second and feel into that Lyn. Don’t you feel empowered?
Can you feel how much richer and more fun your life is now that you’ve stopped dwelling on the lack of the past? Can you feel how you’re truly enjoying the richness and joy life has to offer you in your present?
Do you feel more excited and invigorated now that you’re free from the stress and worry about all the pressures that used to wear you down?
How much more alive do you feel living your life from a place of renewed enthusiasm and fresh inspiration knowing exactly how to make your future even more rewarding and fulfilling?
I’m on a mission to help people like you to stop operating in a world of lack and to move into the kind of life you really, really want…
I want you to discover how to have the energy, focus and drive so that you can light up the world with your unique brand of soul genius, even if you can’t see that in yourself right now. I know it’s in you, it’s time to unleash it. 
This is why I host my monthly Intention Setting Ritual Webinars. The next LIVE and INTERACTIVE event is on the June New Moon, Monday, June 3rd at 7 pm Panama (8 pm Eastern/5 pm Pacific). If you want the tools to begin unleashing your own soul genius, join us. Registration is open at
I’d love to know how you’ve set your intention this month. I always love reading your words, so don’t hold back.
Infinite ∞ Love,