3 Hidden Fears Preventing You From Receiving with Grace and Ease

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If you’ve been following my writing for a while, you know that I share a lot about hidden fears. Hidden fears are those subconscious beliefs that stay hidden from our conscious mind, that hinder our success, and sabotage our dreams and desires.

In today’s Mindful Moment, let’s look at the hidden fears that sabotage the ability to receive. For so many of us, it’s easier for us to give rather than receive. When we give, we feel good. It allows us to contribute to another.

Receiving, on the other hand, is where we often stumble. Receiving can cause us to feel embarrassed or a little more vulnerable, or we might feel unworthy of what is being offered.

In the past, if I received a compliment, instead of a simple “thank you” I’d counter it with some excuse to take the attention off of myself. I’m getting better at this, but, once in a while, I still find myself diminishing the kindness of others by making excuses as to why I don’t deserve it. Have you ever experience this?

Overall, though, I’ve come a long way in being able to just say “Thank You”. I’ll be honest, I’m still a work in progress and this weekend I needed to give myself a refresher class in the fine art of receiving, and I thought I’d share some thoughts on the subject with you.

Let’s take a look at 3 common subconscious fears that keep us from being able to receive what we desire with grace and ease. 

1. Unworthy.

Worthiness is a measure of what you’re willing to receive. If you’re unaccustomed to receiving abundance, be it as a compliment, love, compassion, kindness, you limit your ability to enhance your own self-worth. Self-worth is enriched by acknowledging your worthiness to receive.

2. Selfish.

When you resist receiving, you might subconsciously feel that you’re not being selfish. But what if it was the opposite? What if it might be even more selfish to resist receiving instead. When someone is being generous by giving to you, and you can’t receive, you actually take the pleasure and good feelings away from the person who is giving to you. People feel good when they give, and learning to receive with grace and ease is not selfish at all.

3. Obligated.

Sometimes receiving a gift or a kindness comes with the feeling that there are strings attached. Sometimes this is healthy discernment of a situation, but, if it happens often, it could be a subconscious fear that’s preventing you from receiving.

So, in the situation that occurred this weekend – it was a sort-of-kind-of date with a sweet guy from out of town – I had all three of these hidden fears come up again.

In the end, I mustered as much grace and ease as I possibly could, and reminded myself that 1. I AM worthy of receiving. 2. I’m not selfish for letting someone else give to me, and 3. I can let go of the fear of there being a hidden motive attached to the gift.

When I confronted my fears and allowed myself to receive, I was able to get out of my own way, move into the flow, and relax into having a great time with this person.

What has your experience been when it comes to receiving? I always love reading your thoughts and comments, so go ahead and share them.

Infinite ∞ Love, Lyn