You Are Enough

It’s becoming almost cliché, however I’d like to suggest that you take a moment right now to remember that you are enough. It’s easy to hear these words and dismiss them as fluff, but the truth is that you are enough.

Can you give yourself permission today to accept yourself unconditionally? If you are willing to play with me on this, say the words below and allow them wash over you, allow them to sink into your heart, and to integrate into your day today.

Have fun with this, and know deeply and truly that they are true.

I am worthy,

I am safe,

I am unlimited potential,

I am the universe,

I am always guided,

I am protected by light and love,

I am good enough,

I am compassion,

I am peace,

I am accepting of myself,

I am honesty,

I am gratitude,

I am freedom,

I am part of something much bigger than just myself,

I am energy,

I am a master of energy,

I am important,

I am unique,

I am free to be me.

I am here to shine my light,

I am intuitive,

I am beautiful,

I am harmonious,

I am joy,

I am a loving soul.

Choose now to connect with your mission, your birthright, to live your truth. Follow your heart. Your journey is unique to you, and is designed just for you. Breathe this in, allow your true self to shine through.

And if you will, put both of your hands on your heart, and tell yourself.

I am valuable,

I deserve love, and deserve to be loved,

I am worthy,

I am unlimited potential,

I am always guided and protected,

I am here to learn,

I am remembering who I really am,

I am good enough no matter what,

I approve of myself,

I love and accept myself,

I am here to be me,

I follow my heart.

I choose now to reconnect to my soul,

It is safe to speak my truth,

It is my mission to speak my truth,

It is safe to take care of myself.

I follow my intuition,

I love myself, always,

I thank myself.

I now integrate these words into my being, allowing them to compound within me.

I am doing good!

I am doing good!

Now, after reading this, (maybe even more than once) I invite you to go out there and embrace this day for the miracle that it is!

Thanks for reading this mindful moment. I hope you got something of value from it. I always welcome your thoughts or comments, so don’t hold back.

Infinite ∞ Love,