Mid Year Intentions Check-Up

Have you felt like it’s time to kick start your intentions to move your big dreams forward?

Do you want to cultivate the creative power to amplify your desires so that you manifest them in the next 6 months?

At the start of every new year I write out my big dreams and visions that I want to manifest in the coming 12 months.

And while I keep this list of dreams and desires in my journal for easy reference, I personally find that I benefit from a mid-year check up to make sure that I am on track or consider if I need to change course to create that which is most important to me.

Especially in July. July is the midpoint of the year. I like to use the new moon as the time to create this ritual of checking in, and diving into the details that are most important in the next six months of my life.

This is the time that I get really specific and real with myself. I ask myself if the intentions I set in January are still important to me. I ask myself what is most important, what’s my ultimate priority to manifest before the end of the year?

And during the new moon I’d like to invoke ritual and get creative with my intentions. I allow myself to dream big. In the process of dreaming big I try my very best to visualize the intention as if it’s already been manifested. And I tap into my self love, letting myself know that I am worthy of my desires.

And under the dark of the new moon I let it go, I release it and I allow the universe to to take control. But let me be clear here… I don’t forget about it — I just get out of my own way.

I do however check in with my intentions weekly and do the small acts of kindness for myself that move this intention forward.

If you’d like an opportunity to have some support and accountability for your intentions, I’d be honored to schedule a complementary session to get you back on track.

To take advantage of this opportunity send an email to lyn@lynbishop.com with “New Moon Intentions” in the subject line. I’ll be back in touch ASAP with available times. I can’t wait for you to be re-inspired to reignite your most important intentions.

Infinite ∞ Love,

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