Be Your Own Valentine

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Everything in life is about relationships. I believe that when I deeply connect with myself I am better able to make meaningful connections with others. 

And one thing I’ve learned is that when I practice keeping my relationship with myself solid, the effect ripples out positively to all of the other relationships in my life. To cultivate my relationship with me, I do my best to take exquisite care of my mind, body and spirit. 

I know that the negative judgements and self-sabatoging behavior rode roughshod over my heart’s desire, and kept me from making myself my #1 priority for years. It wasn’t until I began to love and value myself, that I could quiet the self-talk and limiting beliefs and begin listening to my heart’s desire.

Take the Love Yourself Now Valentine’s Challenge

To celebrate becoming your own valentine, I invite you to acknowledge just how amazing you really are. I invite you to fall in love with yourself and strengthen the one relationship that matters most.

 Ask yourself: 

  1. What do you most value in yourself? Be sure to let go of critical judgements and really feel into your worth. Write down everything that comes to mind. [ 8 minutes ]
  2. What is truly wonderful about you? What is unique and special about you? Allow the feeling of love to guide you to write down all that you see. [ 8 minutes ]
  3. What does your heart desire? If you had a magic wand and no limits, what would be your wish? How would it feel to you? What would it look like? [ 15 minutes ]

After you have answered the three questions, design yourself a valentine’s card summarizing what you value, what makes you unique, and your heart’s desire.  

Allow yourself to open the card on February 14th, in a expression of love and appreciation to yourself. Read the card out loud and allow yourself to recieve and experience the love and bliss of your own heart felt words.

By becoming your own valentine you strengthen self-love. Your self-worth shifts and the critical thoughts that were causing anxiety, depression, shame and unworthiness begin to loosen. When you devote yourself to loving and valuing yourself you quiet the self sabotaging self talk and limiting beliefs for good. Your relationship to yourself amplifies positive vibration outward and in alignment with your heart’s desire.