6 Health Benefits of Guava

Last night, the intoxicating strong and sweet fragrance of the fallen guava fruit called to me and nudged me into harvesting several of the ripe fruit today.

These small, round fruit are loaded with tiny hard seeds at their center, with a covering of hot pink flesh clinging to a thin green skin that turns towards yellow when mature.

The tough green leaves are full of medicinal properties, and I always have a bottle of guava leaf tincture in my medicine cabinet because it is so effective at relieving diarrhea.

This tropical fruit is endemic to Central America and is now hailed as one of the super fruits due to the numerous health benefits it offers.


Provide antioxidants to improve your immunity.
Guava are a fruit with one of the richest sources of vitamin C and they offer natural anti-inflammatory action that helps to amp up your immunity.

Natural remedy for diarrhea & dysentery.
Guava are rich in astringents which are alkaline in nature and contain disinfectant and anti-bacterial properties that help to remedy loose stools.

Natural relief for constipation.
In addition to relieving Diarrhea, Guava is also effective in eliminating constipation due to it’s high amount of dietary fiber. The seeds serve as an excellent laxative when ingested either whole or crushed.

Reduce blood pressure.
Guava assists with lowering cholesterol in the blood and prevents it from thickening. Because the fruit is rich in fiber and contains hypoglycemic properties, Guava can help to reduce blood pressure.

Keeps your skin looking great.
Due to the abundance of astringents in both the fruit and the leaves, either by eating or washing your skin with an infusion of the immature fruits and leaves will tone and tighten loose skin.

Guava is helpful for maintaining healthy weight.
Guava helps to stabilize healthy weight by proving high fiber, vitamins, proteins and minerals. It’s helpful for both overweight and underweight conditions, helping to keep metabolism in balance with the proper absorption of nutrients.