The 12 week Love Yourself Now class and group changed how I relate to myself and the world around me. Connecting with a supportive community that encouraged group focus on self-compassion, I found renewed energy and enjoyment in my daily life. I had been getting caught in self punishing patterns. Lyn’s gentle, steady guidance encouraged new, healthier beliefs to come forth. The community of other students was very supportive and inspiring. I am so much happier now, and it’s directly due to the work and focus I tapped into in this group. Having a daily practice and the support of a group to help me be accountable has made such positive changes in my life. I’m grateful to Lyn and the other members!

Katya - Colorado

When it comes to putting yourself first and fully loving yourself, there are often times obstacles that stand in your way. Lyn provides all the tools you may need to unravel those obstacles and come to a space of healing; a space that allows you to Love Yourself Now. I was lucky enough to participate in a 12 week LYN Journey. Throughout the journey, I discovered many layers that were holding me back. I also discovered many amazing layers that I harness and have used to propel me forward. I have noticed a huge difference in my relationships, my business, and most importantly my relationship with myself. I house more confidence, compassion, and love for every part me. I couldn’t be more grateful for Lyn and her services. She creates such a comforting and safe environment that allows for positive growth in your own timing. Nothing is forced, pressured, or pushed. Your growth has its own path and way of being. The LYN Journey is so respectful of this organic growth. I highly recommend her services to EVERYONE, as we can all use to Love Yourself Now.


The Love Yourself Now 12 Week Group Journey was truly divine timing.

I thought I had “done all the work” and that I “took care of myself”. The truth is that I had taken those steps out of fear.  I hadn’t given myself the deep rest, inner exploration, or TRUE love and compassion that I needed to REALLY put myself first. It was just a disguise for seeking validation and adoration outside myself.

I ended up with a severe Adrenal insufficiency, total burnout. I was forced to just…stop.  I came across the Love Yourself Now program and realized it was time to explore my inner landscape to find the divine within me. I wanted to make myself a priority not just because its the right thing to do – you hear that all the time – but because I wanted to cultivate a “real love” for myself and find that deep compassion that I knew I held within me yet that needed some uncovering.

The Love Yourself Now 12 Week group program provided great support, and helped me to say “no” more comfortably, to set new boundaries and to reclaim my energy. I knew the program was working the moment I had the courage to be seen for the authentic me and changed the message on my answering machine to include all of the services that I offer my clients, not only massage. After the program, I made my business a priority, moved my office location, and am no longer hiding my gifts and talents anymore. The tools that Lyn teaches have helped me to get healthier and to be of greater service to my clients and the world.

If your looking to give yourself that next unleveling, jump in….you will be glad you did!!!!

Kim - Connecticut

I decided to participate in the Love Yourself Now scholarship contest after following (ahem lurking) the LYN Love Yourself Now Facebook page for over a year. 2017 was one of the hardest years for me thus far and I knew I needed to change myself and my life for the better. Once I became more active on the LYN page, I was received with nothing but acceptance and encouragement. After the contest was over, I was elated to find out I had won full tuition for the 12 week LYN program!

Despite initial fears of feeling like the “scholarship kid”, I was elated! I had been struggling with debilitating anxiety and intermittent bouts of depression since adolescence. After a year of therapy and medication, I wanted to try some more holistic approaches.

Before beginning the 12 week program, I was recovering from a miscarriage and putting all of my energies on my job and pleasing others. My marriage was beginning to improve after a tumultuous year and my depression and anxiety were managed; however, I was still dealing with periods of emptiness and self-doubt. I felt overwhelmed and anxious trying to find balance on my own and these feelings only increased after discovering I was once again pregnant.

The Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey made a huge difference in providing me with encouragement, direction, and helping me reestablish my quality of life. I learned to say NO (with love) to those things that didn’t nourish my best self. My artistic ability and creativity began to re-emerge and I was able to get back into yoga. As I learned to truly love myself and let go of my fears and insecurities, I began feeling more at peace than I had in years. Going through this life-changing program as my body was beginning to grow a new life was absolutely amazing! I knew that the Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey was working the moment that I began my daily practice, which included not only quality “me” time, but quality time with my husband and family.

Participating in the Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey has given me a fresh perspective on what it means to cultivate the life I’m here to live. I am now in my third trimester of pregnancy while navigating through my second job promotion within the year. I have let go of a lot of my negative feelings and I am proud to be continuing on with my LYN journey while remaining part of the LYN community. I highly encourage those on the fence about starting the LYN 12 Week Journey to go for it! You are worth it! I also hope to provide some encouragement to everyone who enters any of Lyn’s scholarship contests.

Amelia - Chicago

Lyn changed the trajectory of my life in a way I was unable to do by myself. She shed light to a new definition, perspective and understanding of the phrase “self-love” that we are hearing and seeing more and more. Having the structure of the LYN program allowed me to work through self forgiveness, gratitude, respect and love in effective, fun and interactive ways. One of the greatest unexpected surprises that came from this work was a new partner. In the world of online dating and courting, I find that people are searching for love outside themselves – looking for someone else to give them the answers, that can only be found within. Through LYN (and many heart meditations!) I uncovered and saw a true love within myself that led to a new love with another person. We, six months later, are in what is arguably one of the healthiest relationships I have ever had. For me, LYN was a capstone course of sorts to years of proactive therapy and inner work. And, it’s a gift to myself that keeps on giving. To be able to reach out to fellow LYN-ers, and LYN, at any time of need gives feelings of support that are hard to put into words. I think this is a program that applies to any human being!

Lauren - Atlanta GA

“Lyn and her retreat helped me to develop a vision for the next phase of my life. She helped me sort out my conflicting emotions and thoughts, to set appropriate intentions, and build a plan that will help me move forward with clear energy. Her insight and guidance were critical to the process.”

Lisa - Idaho

“The moment I realized the retreat created a transformation in me was evident when I opened my heart, used the teachings to create my intentions, and clearly opened my eyes to see that this is my time for transformation.”

Ginny Ann - Panama

If you know that self love is the gateway to all love but you still struggle with loving yourself, this is for you! The tools, practice and insight to guide you to your heart center where all love resides

Basia - Nevada

LYN Bishop has created a program that is helpful to all beings. At the root of all human suffering is the lack of self love. In this program, she is able to combine her compassionate loving skills to hold space with her steadfast ways of integrating knowledge with wisdom, intuition and grace. Her artistic and technical skills compliment her vision to help others in a way where all can benefit from the integration of these skills immensely. I am grateful to LYN for sharing this visions with me and for the insight and inspiration it has provided for my life as well.

Damiana - Portland

I reached out to Lyn after somethings in my life came to light and was ready to get out of my head and into my heart. I have struggled my whole life with self esteem issues and running from my problems with my parents. After 12 weeks in the Love Yourself Now program I am now equipped with the tools I require to actually see the light I have inside. This is an ongoing process and I now have a group of people I can talk to about any difficulties and the tools to keep myself learning about myself. Lyn knew what questions to ask me to get me thinking about what it is that was blocking my vision to see to my own light. She has a unique way of getting you to open up. My experiences in this course has really got me back to being heart centered. I encourage anyone looking for self acceptance to make the leap and contact Lyn.

Joshua - Costa Rica

Although I have been giving attention to self-care and my spiritual life for many years, my practices had become an obligatory to do list. During these 12 weeks, with the support and interactiviy of Lyn and the group, I have shifted the context of my daily practices to conscious expressions of self love.

Naomi - Costa Rica