The Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey is for people who are tired of being of high service to everyone around them yet struggling with their own self-doubt and hidden fear. Throughout the Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey they learn how to release hidden fear and realign to the freedom, joy and healthy relationships they want most.

  • Powerful benefits to expect from the personal journey.

    ∞ Stop putting your needs last as you spend quality time with yourself

    ∞ Unleash old patterns and beliefs by awakening your courage to look within

    ∞ Amplify your intelligent intuition as you learn to trust your gut

    ∞ Uncover your authentic essence as you develop your unique gifts and talents

    ∞ Move out of self doubt by activating an action plan to take you there

    ∞ Increase your positive influence by unleashing your unshakeable confidence

    ∞ Crush the fear of being a fraud and feel 100% worthy in the life you live NOW


Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey is a personal and unique adventure into embodying unshakeable confidence to live the life you feel 100% worthy to live. This potent adventure guides you to make the meaningful and lasting changes that amplify the inner landscape of your strong self-esteem and your compassionate self-love.

This 12 week masterclass is designed to shift your awareness — from feelings of fraud and playing small — to honesty about your absolute worth, uncontainable confidence and deep respect for your life's dreams. At the end of our 12 weeks together you will have a true appreciation of the life you are worthy of living, built on a solid foundation unique and authentic to you.