Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey


A transformational journey that guides you 

to create a life worthy of living.

Lyn Bishop

Dear Sweet Friend,

I know how it feels to have struggled and to have settled for less. Facing that overwhelming fear of asking, I used to feel afraid around the people I admired the most. I was scared to show and share my gifts. I dimmed my intuition and played small.

It was only when the pain of struggling and settling became so great that I had no other choice but to work towards restoring my self-worth and confidence. This deep work became the foundation for the Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey.

The Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey halts the old beliefs, erases the old tapes, and begins an intimate practice of cultivating your authentic essense. As you tune into your heart's desire, you promote healing, releasing the intuitive knowledge that’s been waiting to be acknowledged.

It has been my life's work to help other successful women who secretly feel that they’re a fraud. I help them embody confidence and create a life they feel worthy of living.

Imagine living your purpose. Imagine embodying your worthy life.
—Infinite Love


Lyn Bishop

Creator of Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey


I want to discover my unstoppable confidence!

Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey is a personal and unique adventure into embodying unshakeable confidence to live the life you feel 100% worthy to live. This potent adventure guides you to make the meaningful and lasting changes that amplify the inner landscape of your strong self-esteem and your compassionate self-love.

This 12 week masterclass is designed to shift your awareness — from feelings of fraud and playing small — to honesty about your absolute worth, uncontainable confidence and deep respect for your life's dreams. At the end of our 12 weeks together you will have a true appreciation of the life you are worthy of living, built on a solid foundation unique and authentic to you.

Before the 12 Week Journey

  • Undermining achievements

  • Feel stuck in self-doubt

  • Fear of failure

  • Afraid of being exposed as a "fraud"

  • Unable to accept praise

  • Avoid confidence in abilities

  • Don't deserve success

  • Habitual Apologizing

After the 12 Week Journey

  • Recognize and celebrate success

  • Feel confident about your worth

  • Embrace imperfect action

  • Respect yourself and your talents

  • Receive praise with ease

  • Develop unshakeable confidence

  • Recognize and celebrate success

  • Use gratitude and empathy instead of apology


I know I'm here for more!

The Journey Includes

Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey is your ultimate result system for creating the unshakeable confidence to create the life you feel worthy of living. Each week guides you to explore a different aspect for reclaiming your self-esteem and embody the confidence for authentic success — with deep respect for your own personal uniqueness. During the journey, you'll move through this proven process:

Week One ∞ Intuitive Awakening

Your mind, heart and stomach are the intelligent centers for your connection with everything. When your intelligent intuition is activated, you're living from a place of truth and authenticity — free and confident to be fully yourself.

Week Two ∞ Clarity

The clearer you become about your self, your needs, your dreams, your hearts desire, the more you begin to see, feel, hear, and sense your deep knowing and commitment to yourself.

Week Three ∞ Forgiveness

Forgiving yourself involves taking responsibility for who you are and what you do, but also knowing that you did the best you could at the time.

Week Four ∞ Acceptance

Self-acceptance starts with the awareness that you are whole and innately good; lovable just as you are; and are gifted with talents and qualities you share willingly with the world.

Week Five ∞ Love Yourself Now & First

When you love yourself by doing things for your mental, emotional and spiritual self first, you fill your heart and soul with happy love energy that ripples out around you in service to others.

Week Six ∞ Self Care

When you practice self care, you are giving yourself the love and attention that you desire and deserve, recharging your batteries so that you can do the work that's yours to do.

Week Seven ∞ Boundaries

Boundaries assist you in communicating to yourself and others how you wish to feel. Boundaries are an inner compass. They are an indication of your inner truth and they help you navigate life's circumstances with confidence.

Week Eight ∞ Gratitude

Gratitude helps you break the habit of focusing on failures and disappointments. It allows you to see how people are here to love and support you and how much you have given and accomplished for them.

Week Nine ∞ Playtime

When you incorporate play into your life, you are giving yourself permission to relax, clear out your mind, and reap the health benefits associated with releasing stress. Playtime celebrates your actions and achievements and creates the momentum for even more!

Week Ten ∞ Shine Your Light

When you are at your best, you shine ever so brightly. And when your own light is shining you are able to achieve prosperity in the work that's yours to do.

Week Eleven ∞ Whole Practice

When you commit yourself to your personal practice, life becomes an experience of unfolding wisdom. Surrender to your heart's desire and permit yourself to create the work that's uniquely yours to do.

Week Twelve ∞ Activate and Celebrate

Activate your unstoppable confidence and celebrate your awesome self.

In praise of Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey

Powerful benefits to expect from your personal journey.

∞ Stop putting your needs last as you spend quality time with yourself

∞ Unleash old patterns and beliefs by awakening your courage to look within

∞ Amplify your intelligent intuition as you learn to trust your gut

∞ Uncover your authentic essence as you develop your unique gifts and talents

∞ Move out of self doubt by activating an action plan to take you there

∞ Increase your positive influence by unleashing your unshakeable confidence

∞ Crush the fear of being a fraud and feel 100% worthy in the life you live NOW



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What’s included:

∞ 12 Weekly Trainings with Assignments

Each week is focused on a different theme connected to your unshakeable confidence. You will receive weekly training with assignments from Lyn to guide your exploration of this theme and to transform your knowledge into wisdom and your dreams into reality.


∞ 12 Weekly Journals

Each week you will receive a digital journal to use for daily centering and reflection. The journals offer guidance on the weekly topic and prompt you to connect with your authentic truths. The journals serve as the foundational road map into your Love Yourself Now Journey and offer nuggets and clues to your authentic essence.


∞ Personalized 1-on-1 Insights and Inspiration from Lyn

Experience Lyn's focused intuition to pinpoint and clear interference along your journey with three 50-minute private sessions where she shares inspired wisdom and personalized guidance to assist you in cultivating and transforming your inner landscape.In addition, Lyn's intuitive comments will be shared in the private Mastermind Forum. Expect to feel completely supported by the high vibration cultivated by Lyn in deep service to the group. 


∞ Private Mastermind Forum

Our Private Mastermind Group is the sacred space where we connect, share and support each other throughout the 12 weeks. This loving, supportive, and safe space is the group's heart center, offering you a nourishing environment in which to connect with other members who share this journey.


∞ 3 Monthly Live Q&A Calls and Celebration

The monthly live celebration calls are potent milestone markers along the journey. They assist you in amplifying intentions for next steps forward and for celebrating accomplishments at the end of a cycle. 


∞ Discussions, Study Groups, Support from Students and Class Emissaries

Our private group is a space of love and kindness. You are encouraged to share as much as you want with our small, intimate and private community. Allow the community to hold you accountable, to support your triumphs, and to help you when you feel stuck. You will be held in this juicy space for the entire 12 weeks.


Get more with these useful bonuses

BONUS #1: Entrance to 2018 Panama Retreat 

(Value: $1,200)

- Unleash your blocks and reignite your passion to live the full expression of yourself during this tropical respite.
- This bonus alone is worth the investment in your 12 Week Journey


BONUS #2: Twelve 30-Minute Group Boost Calls

(Value $300)

- A weekly live boost of inspiration to hold you accountable.

- Be seen and supported each week of the program.


BONUS #3: Infinity Wave Meditation 

(Value: $89)

- Learn how to cultivate the three intelligent, intuitive centers within your body. 

- A daily practice for you to heal, unwind, and imagine your most inspired life. 



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I'm ready to be unstoppable!
Lyn Bishop

About Lyn

Lyn Bishop works with successful women who secretly feel they're a fraud. She helps them embody confidence and create the life they feel worthy to live. 

Lyn is the creator of Love Yourself Now 12 Week Journey. She is an intuitive life guide, award-winning artist, and organic farmer. She earned her degree in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management from Northeastern University, after which she successfully launched, ran, and harvested several creative businesses. After launching Zama Arts, a design consultancy servicing the creative needs of Silicon Valley's top firms, she became disillusioned with the fast paced values of the valley. She recognized the importance of life balance and embarked on a multi-year Medical Qi Gong program, under the lineage of Grand Master Dr. Jerry Allan Johnson. During this time her sensitivity to energy and intuitive guidance was cultivated as she treated patients using Chinese Energetic Medicine. After a distressing divorce, Lyn found her way to Panama and began her studies in Traditional Latino Herbalism and developed her ultimate results system, LOVE YOURSELF NOW, which amplifies self-esteem, worthiness and self-confidence in her clients, allowing them to create a life they feel absolutely worthy to live.



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