Your Farm Residency Application Session

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Is your time at Kalu Yala coming to a close, but you’re not ready to leave the jungle quite yet?
Do you want the opportunity to put your newly acquired skills to use
and embody the full essence of your tropical experience before leaving Panama?
If you said YES, the Your Farm Residency Application Session is for you.

Hi, my name is Lyn Bishop and I work a small permaculture farm in Chiriqui where I grow tropical fruit, turmeric, herbs and more. As a friend of Kalu Yala, I’ve set aside time and resources to take on students for a residency project from the end of November through December 2017. Adrianna spent part of inspiration week on the farm, she’d be happy to tell you about the experience.

In Your Farm Residency at Art Farm Panama you will:

  1. create a sense of clarity and ownership for your new skills and knowledge aquired at Kalu Yala.

  2. discover how your new skill and knowledge are transferrable into new environments.

  3. determine the priorities of new enviorments quickly using your new experiences.

  4. identify daily actions that help you embody your Kalu Yala experience.

  5. complete the Farm Residency with the excitement knowing EXACTLY how you can use your jungle experience for your greatest good to create the next steps on your life journey.

To schedule your applicaiton session, send email
subject: Farm Residency
body: Yes!
I’ll reply shortly to schedule our call together.