Art Farm Panama

Farmer-in-Residence Program 


Mother Nature is a potent teacher, and learning from her on our tropical jungle farm provides vast experiences that are far removed from the hustle bustle of modern living. Come live and work at Art Farm Panama. Be inspired by nature to cultivate your life-long skills through adaptation to new environments and gain lasting growth and knowledge — all while connecting to Gaia’s deep wisdom.

Art Farm Panama is inviting applications for our Farmer-in-Residence program throughout 2019. We are a 16 acre farm, located in the wet tropics in northwestern Panama. This residency provides a unique opportunity for those interested in learning and participating in a wide variety of agricultural practices.
As Farmer-in-Residence at Art Farm Panama, you will engage in project-based permaculture activities, natural building, rainforest ecology, medicinal plant gardening, animal husbandry and more.

You will:

• Create a sense of ownership for a specific project, and use new skills and knowledge acquired while “doing”.

• Discover how your existing skills and knowledge are transferable into new environments.

• Determine priorities of a new environments quickly through experiential learning.

• Identify daily actions to help you fully embody the experience.

• Complete the Farm Residency with the excitement in knowing EXACTLY how to use this jungle experience to create the next steps on your life journey. 

Sessions for 2018 include:


January 1 - February 28

March 1 - April 30

May 1- June 30

July 1 - August 31

September 1 - October 31

November 1 - December 31

Our farm is located in a rural area not far from the agricultural town of La Concepcion. We are 25 minutes north of the city of David, 30 minutes south of Volcan Baru, and about the same from the Costa Rican border at Paso Canoas. We farm in a tropical rainforest environment, thought much of our land is recovering pasture with mature trees and river eco-systems. The farm is located at 400 meters elevation, and with that comes a refreshing afternoon breeze. From the farm we have distant views of the pacific ocean to the south, and Volcan Baru to the north. We actively welcome wildlife to the farm, and prohibit hunting on the land. As a result, we have a large bird population, squirrel monkeys, sloths, other mammals, snakes, and many butterflies and insects that call the land their home. Our dry season is typically January - May, and the heart of the rainy season is between September and December.

Our tasks at hand at any given time include things like: chopping, planting, weeding, composting, mulching, transplanting, cultivating, harvesting, watering, swale building, animal care, maintenance, natural building, trail building, research, writing, teaching, sharing, cooking, developing and testing recipes, farmer's markets, social media, photography, video, and lots of dreaming and brainstorming. If any of these sound like something your interested in, you’re invited to submit an application.

Submit your application ONLY if you are a joyful and enthusiastic team player, who commits yourself fully to the task at hand. Your attitude is upbeat and positive, and you know how to use your communication skills effectively. You bring flexibility and cooperation to your assignments. You are an adaptive problem-solver who enjoys the discovery of lifelong learning. You are organized, clean and can live easily in a shared community setting. You are creative, fun, and non-addicted to drugs or alcohol.

You are able to take initiative, be self-directed when necessary, and be willing and competent to work hard and get dirty in a tropical rainforest climate that includes a lot of heat, humidity, sun and rain. Your work day will begin at 8am and will end at 2pm Monday - Saturday, or, a total contribution of 35 hours per week as determined between yourself and your team leader. Afterwards, you'll have time to do things like relax, hike, river swim, do laundry, catch up on reading or research, or use public transportation to travel to town or other surrounding areas.

farm fresh organic

In return for your contribution, you will experience additional training in tropical herbal remedies, teas,
farm-to-table cuisine, creative expression and deeper personal growth. Within our larger community we provide networking connections to the local culture, traditions and agricultural practices, as well as shared experiences with our local schools.

You are provided with a comfortable space in our eco bamboo/adobe casita and a communal lunch that we prepare together each afternoon, Monday - Saturday. Breakfast and dinner are on your own, as are your meals on Sunday, which you can prepare in the provided kitchen. You clean up after yourself and assist with some shared tasks like sweeping the common areas and porches.

The cost of our program is $600 per session.
Depending on the situation, shorter stays may be arranged at the rate of $20 per day.

All residencies are payable in full prior to arrival.



Some other things to note:
While we appreciate that you may have specific dietary preferences, as a small farm, we are unable to guarantee your specific needs and suggest that you feel free to look after yourself. We are vegetarian friendly, and often cook meat-free meals, however, meat does play a role in our overall diet.


Our community is centered around agriculture and there is very little English spoken outside of our farm. While Spanish language skills are not required, they will provide a richer integration with the larger community and Panama in general.

Please DO NOT apply if you are adverse to change, are culturally sensitive, if you don't fare well in heat and humidity, if you can't preform moderately physical tasks or if your looking solely for a tropical vacation.


To apply:

Send an email to with the SUBJECT line: Farmer-in-Residence

Provide your Name

Provide your Age

Provide your preferred language, and languages spoken

Provide your level of education

Provide a personal statement (300-500 words) that describe what motivates you to apply to this program.

And answer one of the following question:

• What are you looking for in this type of experience.

• How would you benefit from this experience

• Describe a time when you adapted well.

Upon receipt of your application, we will follow up to schedule an interview.


To learn more visit our public Facebook page at or our Instagram stream @ArtFarmPanama. We look forward to receiving your application!


Best regards,