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Newsletter - November 2007 
November 5, 2007
Dear Art Lover,

Greetings. I hope you have enjoyed your summer, and are gearing up for Thanksgiving, my favorite of the American holidays. It’s a great time of year to reflect on all the many things in life to be grateful for. I’m grateful for YOU, for your continued interest in my creative life. Thank you.

Mundane Spaces : Far Away Places
I’m excited to announce my first international solo show in Kyoto, Japan. I’ll be exhibiting a new body of work titled “Mundane Spaces : Far Away Places”.

From the artist statement:
It is the average, everyday encounters around the world that provide the inspirations for Mundane Spaces : Far Away Places. This series of images are derived from photographs made, drawings rendered, and objects collected on-the-road during Global Fusion, a 13 month journey across Eurasia, Indonesia, and Japan between 2004 and 2006. Through personal observations, new truths emerge about the people and places experienced. Questions arise about the cultural stereotypes shaped by popular mass media, lately it seems, much of it focused on fear and cultural misunderstanding. In this series, the viewer is invited into these everyday spaces to daydream about the culture there. Each photograph is expressed through landscape of architectural space, devoid of people. They float, like a window into another world, on a motif of cultural wallpaper that reference clues to its origin. Art grants access to world that may be sacred, forbidden, enchanting, or threatening. It allows us to see worlds that we many never fully engage in otherwise. – Lyn Bishop

These “luminescent” hybrid prints combine both traditional screen printing practices with digital printmaking techniques. I’m interested in manipulating the viewing surface with qualities such as depth, reflection, and motion, so as to ask the viewer to dance with the work rather than simply gaze upon it.

If your interested in a PDF catalog of this new series, click here.

>>Honenin Temple
    Mundane Spaces : Far Away Places
    November 19-25, 2007 - 10am - 4pm
    30 Goshonodan-cho Shishigatani Sakyo-ku
    Kyoto, Japan

About Honenin Temple
Honenin is an old Japanese temple along the Philosophers Path in Kyoto. The temple is known for it’s beautiful gate, raked sand mounds, and it’s progressive leader who opens his halls for art. Each week, two new shows open for exhibit on the temple grounds.

Honenin is an independent temple of the Jodo sect founded in 1681 by the 38th abbot of Chionin Temple on the site of a temple where Honen (1133-1212: founder of the Jodo sect) and his disciples trained.

Next Up... Commissioned Art
I have to give a huge shout of appreciation to my patrons who have been patiently waiting for me to start new commissioned art for them. The Honenin show has kept me busy, but upon return, I am looking forward to enjoying this process with you. Thanks for your patience.

New Collectors
Much love and appreciation to my new collectors in Portland, Oregon and New York City! Thank You!

Friends in the Arts:
Julieanne Kost is a kind soul from back in my Adobe days. Her love of photography have only deepened since we first met, however, her day job as Senior Digital Imaging Evangelist has kept her traveling over 200 days a year. As a method of engaging her creative spirit, she has spent the last 5 years photographing landscapes from the commercial jets she constantly rides. In her recently published book “Window Seat” Julieanne shares her thoughts on digital photography and creative thinking. You can find her photographs on her website. Enjoy!

Thank You:
Thanks for reading through all the news. Feel free to forward this email or to invite others to join the list. They can subscribe at (at bottom of page) or send email to: mailinglist @ (without spaces) with "subscribe" in the title.

Thanks for your continued love and support.

Warmest wishes,
Lyn Bishop

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